Troy Davis

Here is the tragic story of Troy Davis, which could become even more tragic this Monday. Troy Davis is the man who was convicted of murdering an off duty police office, Mark Allen McPhail, back in 1989. According to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, since his trial seven of the nine witnesses who testified against him have recanted their stories. There has never been any physical evidence that linked him to the murder nor was the murder weapon ever found. Three witnesses have come forth and said that another man has admitted guilt to the crime.

Troy Davis received a stay of execution on Tuesday September 24, with less than two hours before he was going to be put to death in order for the supreme court to review his case. Since that time, the supreme court has decided it will not review his case leaving him with very few options.

By executing Troy Davis or any other human being, this shows a huge flaw in our legal system. Not only was Troy Davis found guilty for a crime that he may have not committed, but his life could end as a result of it. Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” I put capital punishment under the category of cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment.

Troy Davis is set to be executed Monday, October 27. His lawyers are planning a last minute challenge, but time is running out for him.

UPDATE: I am glad to report that Troy Davis has been granted a stay of execution. There will be a decision made on whether he will be granted a new hearing.

3 thoughts on “Troy Davis

  1. I have mixed feelings about capital punishment. I have seen the way certain human beings against eachother and also against animals. That in itself is a tragedy. And often go UN-punished because we do indeed have a system that’s flawed! I’ve known where judges and jurors were ‘bought’,rapists were freed after 6 months, murders go unsolved, people are still missing, and yes, INNOCENT people are imprisoned. Corruption is commonplace.
    (You know that 2 of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers are dead. Wonder why)

    I’m just sad that if this man is innocent that he ever had to go on trial in the first place! And to think of anyone who is subject to this is inhumane.

    Where are the DNA results? Where are all these people who recanted their stories?
    Why are they free and this man is not?

    We are not innocent until proven guilty in this country; we are all GUILTY.
    And this man and others like him are wrongfully proven guilty.

    Can you imagine, for one second, being in a jail with people who commited such acts and yet you could go nowhere but an 8X10 cell. And you didn’t so ANYTHING WRONG???

    There’s no justice in that.

    No justice for Troy Davis either. Very sad.


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