What a Waste

Chicken a la Carte is a short film about the social issue of hunger in the world. The film begins with two young women who order food at what is assumed to be a fast food restaurant. Shortly after eating most of their food, the women leave it on the table to be thrown away in the trash with the rest of the uneaten chicken. A man gathers the discarded chicken and takes it back to his home where it’s distributed to his family who consumes it.

According to a World Health Organization report quoting Lancet (Black et al. 2008), “Maternal and child undernutrition is the underlying cause of 3.5 million deaths, 35% of the disease burden in children younger than 5 years, and 11% of total global DALY’s” (disability-adjusted life years). The same report also discusses “negative effects on income and on economic growth.” Not surprisingly, there are other adverse effects on health.

Although it’s not germane to the topic of hunger, the film does illustrate the issue of wasted consumption. The young women do not eat everything that they order; instead, their excess food is left to be thrown away. It’s quite a startling example of how humans can be very wasteful.

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