Stay Out of the Shallow End

The old cliche about going swimming after eating a meal is to wait an hour. Perhaps if this 13 year old girl heeded this advice, she would not have become pregnant; at least that’s what her mom believes.

The mother of a 13 year old girl is suing an Egyptian hotel after it was discovered her daughter is pregnant. The daughter denied being promiscuous with any of the boys so her  mother insists that her daughter got pregnant when she went for a swim in the hotel’s pool.

If the mother took a class in sexual education, she would understand that it is impossible for her daughter to become pregnant by being in a pool that has sperm in it. I seriously doubt this case will make it to court due to its ridiculousness; at least it’s my hope. Here is another example of a frivolous lawsuit or a mother who truly believes in immaculate conception because her wholesome daughter could not possibly be a wild child.

Instead of worry about sperm being the pool, she should be more concerned about whether someone peed in it or not.

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