No We Didn't

Rather than working cooperatively with the UN Human Rights Council and other member states, the Vietnamese government has “rejected and ignored recommendations to improve its deteriorating human rights record.” Instead, the government is denying any wrong doing on its part.

According to Elaine Pearson, Deputy Asia Director at Human Rights Watch, “Shockingly, Vietnam denied to the Human Rights Council that it has arrested and imprisoned hundreds of peaceful dissidents and independent religious activists. Yet in just the four months since Vietnam’s last appearance at the council, it has arrested scores more.”

The Vietnamese government has “rejected 45 recommendations from member states” ranging from expressing opinions to promoting human rights while UN rights experts are not being invited to Vietnam.

Pearson goes on to state that “like China, Vietnam has rebuffed the human rights council in an effort to sanitize its abysmal rights record. The UN’s rights review offers proof to the world that despite international concern, Vietnam has no real intention of improving its record.”

The Vietnamese government may actually believe it is innocent of any wrong doing; however, the government should work in a constructive manner with the UN human rights council if it is truly sincere in improving its human rights record.

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