Balloon Fallout Boy

The backlash will begin if it’s discovered that “balloon” boy’s incident was a hoax. According to Gizmodo, a college student has come forward demanding money for evidence he has documented that can prove the entire thing was a hoax. Even before an interview where “balloon” boy said, “You guys said we did this for the show,” after his parents asked him why he didn’t come out of hiding when they called his name, there was some skepticism that he was even aboard the weather balloon.

Heene’s parents may have told Falcon’s brother, Brad, to lie about Falcon being in the balloon. At first, police were skeptical that Falcon could have been aboard the balloon but during interviews with Brad Heene, the boy told them several times that “he saw his brother climb into that apparatus.”

The sheriff’s department could charge Heene’s parents with a class 3 misdemeanor for filing a false report as well as seek restitution for the money spent looking for falcon if it turns out that this entire incident was indeed a hoax. In any case, there is concern the sudden media spotlight will have adverse effects on him. Ironically, CNN posted this story after Falcon and his family appeared on Larry King Live.

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