Send in the Clowns

New findings from Western Washington University suggest that people who talk on cell phones are so distracted that they won’t even notice a clown riding a unicycle. The subjects in the study all walked across a plaza while talking on a cell phone. Not only did the test subjects not notice one of the students wearing a clown suit while riding a unicycle, it took them longer to cross the plaza.

These findings will make a strong case for why cell phone usage, hands free or not, should be banned while driving, period. “If [cell-phone use] disrupts something as simple as walking, which I’m assuming most of these people have been doing a long time and are pretty proficient at generally, we know it’s going to be a really difficult task driving,” said Ira Hyman, Jr.

Sadly, Maria Shriver wouldn’t be the only Californian not to notice the clown.

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