O(lympics) Canada

Independent journalists should be careful about traveling to Vancouver right now. Amy Goodman was detained for an hour and a half when she and two colleagues crossed the border into Canada on their way to a benefit. Canadian border guards questioned her about the content of her speech as well as scouring her computer, her colleagues’ computers and their notes.

What was the cause for concern Canadian authorities had regarding her presence in Vancouver? Could it surely be her talking about Tommy Douglas? Nope. How about global warming? Not even close. Perhaps they were concerned that she would be talking about the global economic meltdown. No, they had no interest in that. Or maybe, just maybe Vancouver authorities didn’t want her to talk about the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Nah. It turns out that they was a lot of concern she would be talking about the Winter Olympics even though that thought hadn’t crossed her mind.

Yes, that’s right. The Olympics are stirring up a lot of controversy. As it turns out, there have been protests regarding the Winter Olympics being in Vancouver. According to Christopher Shaw, from the University of British Columbia, some of the reasons for the protests stem from the extremely high costs of running it ($6 billion estimate) to arresting the homeless and forcing them off the streets so they don’t appear on television to the massive environmental damage (100,000 trees being cut down and 3.5 megatons of carbon dioxide as a result of the games).

There you have it. Not only can the Olympics bring out the best and worst in all of us, it can bring out the paranoia too!

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