Failure is an Option

Well, after two weeks of negotiations and meetings, it looks like the Copenhagen climate talks ended where they started. President Obama announced that “all major economies have come together to accept their responsibility to take action to confront the threat of climate change.” If he defines only five countries as all major economies, then he is correct.

Democracy Now reported that the United States along with Brazil, China, India and South Africa secretly negotiated a twelve-page agreement that “seeks to limit global warming to a maximum of a two degree Celsius rise in temperature”, but the agreement is “not legally binding.”

President Obama called the breakthrough “unprecedented and meaningful”, but I’m quite sure others may disagree. By excluding other countries from participating in drafting the accord and not making it legally binding, essentially, the COP15 has turned out to be unsuccessful. WWF puts it more succinctly by describing the accord as “half-baked text and unclear substance.”

At least U.S. travelers don’t have to worry about being trapped in an airplane for more than three hours now.

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