The Public has no Option

It looks like the health care reform bill will not include a public option, so the health care insurance companies are salivating as their stock prices continue to climb knowing Joe Lieberman has their back. I guess you can get your way if you can spend millions of dollars in lobbying efforts. At least President Obama campaigned diligently for a public option as a candidate, or did he?

“It is true that the Senate version does not have a public option, and that has been—become, I think, a source of ideological contention between the left and the right, but I didn’t campaign on a public option. I think it is a good idea, but as I said in that speech on September 9th, it just one small element of a broader reform effort.”

If we can’t have public health insurance, at least we can have public defense. The senate has approved a military spending bill of $636 billion for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Maybe they should throw in a few more billion to go after al-Qaeda in Yemen. Oh, wait, that has been done, but all they found was women and children. Our tax dollars are hard at work!

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