Ice Ice Baby

Ice is “the solid form of water, produced by freezing; frozen water.”

ICE is the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

One is commonly used to chill drinks or food. It looks like the other is being used to detain refugees who are in the U.S. legally but were not told that they had to change their status as well as “holding U.S. residents in unlisted, unmarked facilities.”

According to Human Rights Watch,

“Each year, the US government sends officials overseas to interview thousands of people displaced by persecution and conflict, classifies a select number as refugees in need of resettlement, and brings them to the United States. After a year in the United States, every resettled refugee is required to apply for lawful permanent resident (LPR) status, more familiarly known as a “green card,” in a procedure known as “adjustment.”

The government does not formally notify them of the upcoming deadline and the refugees’ limited English, ignorance about the requirement, confusion over the legal process, and lack of resources often keeps them from filing on time.”

Come on, U.S. Congress. Instead of sending ICE after refugees who haven’t changed their status, give them a cup of ice and water while you change the laws to help them instead of detaining them.

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