Slap in the Face

A Federal District Court judge in Washington D.C. has decided to start off the new year by slapping the faces of 16 Iraqi families who lost loved ones in 2007 when Blackwater (Xe Services) guards killed 17 Iraqis and left 27 wounded. The judge ruled that no charges were to be filed against the guards who were responsible for this unprovoked attack on unarmed civilians.

Abdul Wahab Adul Khader, an Iraqi banker who was shot in the hand wants to know, “What are we – not human? Why do they have the right to kill people? Is our blood so cheap? For America, the land of justice and law, what does it mean to let criminals go? They were chasing me and shooting at me. They were determined to kill me.”

General Ray Odierno believes the ruling is “a lesson in the rule of the law.”

I’m quite sure Sahib Nassir can take comfort in that lesson after losing his son, or Sami Hawas who was paralyzed and “cannot even sit up like an ordinary human being.”

Others who can take comfort in this lesson are the badly burned victims, as well as those who experienced this horror movie. Let’s not forget about Ahmed Haythem and his mother, Mohasin, who both lost their lives in these attacks. Or the 32-year-old bank employee who had his right hand shattered during the attacks. I’m sure the woman who lost her husband and the four children who lost their father will take comfort in this lesson as well.

I suppose offering victims’s families $10,000 for their losses even though families would have paid $200 million to have their loved ones back isn’t a slap in the face either.

The United States court system has completely failed the victims and their families. The message sent with this ruling is loud and clear. Private contractors have been given impunity to do as they choose. They will not be punished and will not face any consequences for their actions. Bravo! What a great way to start the new year.

4 thoughts on “Slap in the Face

  1. Jeremy Scahill, who has been on Blackwater’s ass for a while, thinks the judge had no other choice. The Bush admin undermined the prosecution of the case and gave Blackwater and their employees totally immunity. “Not a single armed contractor has ever been prosecuted for crimes committed in Iraq–not under US civilian law, not under military law and certainly not in Iraqi courts, which have been banned by the US occupation authorities from going after private contractors.”

    1. sorry, i mis-read your comment. i scanned through scahill’s blog entry. it’s definitely a shame that blackwater have total immunity. there is no justice in this world; unless you are blackwater, but of course it’s justice in their eyes. quite frankly, it’s injustice to everyone else and a mockery of the legal system.

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