UAE Calls Woman a Liar

Women who are planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates should not count on law enforcement officials to launch an investigation if they report being raped. They can count on being called a liar and then being arrested along with their fiances.

One couple experienced this definition of justice first hand when they were arrested after the woman reported being raped by a hotel employee. Instead of helping the woman, UAE authorities thought it would be much better to arrest the woman and her fiance, who are both looking at up to six years in jail if they are convicted of the bogus charges.

According to Human Rights Watch, “Other news reports said that when the woman and her fiancé reported the alleged sexual assault at the Jebel Ali police station on January 1, the police responded by questioning them about their relationship instead of pursuing the rape report. The police then arrested the woman and her partner, accusing them of having sex outside marriage and of public drunkenness.”

The UAE has a strange definition of justice. You know who else does too? The Cambodian government. They think it’s okay to abuse people in drug detention centers instead of helping them kick the habit.

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