Father Knows Best

Here’s a rather unsettling story from the BBC. A U.S. soldier was arrested for waterboarding his daughter because she refused to recite the alphabet. Since Dick Cheney has argued that waterboarding is not torture, the soldier, Joshua Tabor, may have taken this to mean that it’s an acceptable form of punishment for children.

Someone should tell Mr. Tabor, as well as Mr. Cheney, that waterboarding is a cruel form of punishment that amounts to torture. But then again, maybe they’re getting their legal advice from these two guys.

One thought on “Father Knows Best

  1. It is a horrible story, but I’m not sure if Cheney or Yoo hold any of the blame this time. Sounds like the father is a violent angry man. He would have lashed out with some form of child abuse even if he had never heard of waterboarding.

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