Tonight, while I was lost in thought, I was thinking about a lyric from a Bad Religion song called Stranger Than Fiction. The lyric is “caringosity killed the Keroauc cat.”

According to The Answer on the Bad Religion Page, the lyric is a play on the proverb “curiosity killed the cat.” Keroauc cat is a reference to Jack Kerouac who drank himself to death after the death of his friend, Neal Cassady.

A search for the word caringosity yielded no results in the dictionary, but the definition of curiosity is “the desire to learn or know about anything”, so one can assume that caringosity is “the desire to care too much about anything.” In other words, Jack Kerouac died from caring too much about his good friend’s death.

Typically, Bad Religion songs contain esoteric, thought-provoking words. It’s not often that Brett Gurewitz or Greg Graffin have to create a word to fit the lyrics.

3 thoughts on “Caringosity

  1. actually the ‘cat’ is in reference to beatniks (kerouacs fans) and how they called everybody ‘cat’

    they cared too much and got ostrasized from society

  2. I stumbled on this by accident. Strangly for some reason I always related this lyric to the Schrodinger’s cat experiment but could never tie in Kerouac. I may have been way off

    1. The great thing about music is you have your own interpretation of the song/lyrics. I am not sure if there is a right or wrong answer. Perhaps Brett had something else in mind when he wrote this song. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and to comment on it!

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