Talk Grammar to Me

Today is National Grammar Day, which was started back in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough. I had no idea this day existed until one of the blogs I followed mentioned it.

I must admit that I salivated once I learned this day existed. I feel that grammar is a subject in which even the most basic rules and concepts are not taught properly in these United States. So, my dear friends, I encourage you to go forward not just on this day but every day and use correct grammar.

4 thoughts on “Talk Grammar to Me

  1. Have you read Lynn Truss’s *Eat, Shoots & Leaves*? It’s hilarious! I think you’d love it. My son, a budding linguist, has read it twice already. A stickler after my own heart.

    BTW, it’s actually just fine to split infinitives, of course. It’s classified as a “superstition” in Gardner’s Dictionary of Modern American Usage, along with several other bits English teachers chronically get wrong. That entry alone is worth the price of the book, which is an invaluable resource for all things grammatical.

    1. i haven’t heard of that book, but i appreciate the suggestion. i’ll have to add it to my reading list, which is growing more and more every day. i will find more time for recreational reading once i’m done with grad school.

      as for the splitting of infinitives, i think it’s fine since star trek does it hehe.

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