Recipe for Hate

A Mississippi school board has decided to cancel the prom at Itawamba Agricultural High School rather than allowing a teenager to take her girlfriend, who wanted to be dressed in a tuxedo, to the event.

Congratulations to the school board for teaching the students about intolerance, discrimination and prejudice. The students are also learning a lesson in how to retaliate against someone for being himself or herself.

As the article points out:

The members of the school board aren’t just expressing their own prejudice, they’re fomenting anger and resentment among her peers, shifting the focus from their thwarted attempt at illegal discrimination over to the one stubborn kid who’s ruining it for everyone. Never mind that it’s their own petulant, hateful decision that sabotaged the planned prom; they surely know they can count on a certain number of kids to blame McMillen for standing up for herself, and make her miserable for it. They know damn well they’ve created a recipe for harassment, potentially even for threats to the girl’s safety.

It’s unfortunate that we still live in a society where there are fragments of people who would prefer to spread hate instead of acceptance and understanding.

One thought on “Recipe for Hate

  1. Terrible! I’m always sorry to hear about this sort of thing, though it does make me very happy to have left the South.

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