Shannon Watch

Top of the morning to ya! Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I think it’s appropriate to discuss something germane to Ireland or the Irish people.

Meet Edward Horgan. From Democracy Now:

And a prominent Irish peace activist says he’s had his U.S. visa revoked without explanation. The activist, Edward Horgan, is the co-founder of ShannonWatch, which has documented the use of Ireland’s Shannon Airport in the U.S. kidnapping practice known as “extraordinary rendition.” Horgan is a former UN peacekeeper who has also served in the Irish military. He is currently scheduled to speak at North Carolina’s Duke University next month about his opposition to “extraordinary rendition.”

It seems real convenient that Mr. Horgan’s visa has been revoked as he prepares to speak out, on U.S. soil, against the U.S.’s use of “extraordinary rendition.” Maybe the representative or representatives of the U.S. government who revoked Mr. Horgan’s visa should drink a beer today and reverse this decision.

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