Island Nation to Adopt Na’vi Language

In an attempt to capitalize on the success of James Cameron’s Avatar, the small island nation of Vanuatu has announced that it will be unify its languages by replacing its official languages of Bislama, English and French with the language that was spoken in the movie by the Na’vi, the tall blue-skinned inhabitants living on the moon of Pandora. Sources inside the government, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the announcement, said that President Iolu Abil is making this change in order to increase tourism by luring the huge fan base to come to a country “where they can really experience the language.”

Social scientists are excited to study what will happen as this transition takes place. Linguists from all over the world plan to study how the language evolves, while sociologists are interested in studying how residents adjust to this change. One linguist said, “To change an entire country’s language with one that was created for a movie is unfathomable. It will certainly be a historic move of unprecedented levels.”

Vanuatu will change its motto from “Long God yumi stanap,” which means “We stand with God,” to “Oe-l nga-ti kam‹ei›e,” which means “I see you,” the Na’vi phrase for greeting someone.

Economists believe changing the official language to Na’vi will generate a boom to the local economy not only just from tourism, but from the job creation that comes along with it. Signs will have to be replaced, new books will have to be written, language classes will have to be taught. There will be high demand for labor because of this change. Some residents are skeptical about the change, but the government is expected to enforce it. Avatar fans who are fluent in both the spoken and written form of the Na’vi language have already been flown in to start teaching Vanuatu citizens. Residents who do not cooperate during the transition have been warned that they will face the wrath of Eywa.

8 thoughts on “Island Nation to Adopt Na’vi Language

  1. If this is true, I’m going to eat my keyboard. And my hat. If this is April fools, I’m going to eat my keyboard then regurgitate it over the author of this article. And my hat.

  2. if this is for real… which i can already tell probably isnt, if they want the name of the country to be phonetically correct they will have to put “aw” in place of the “au”…

  3. Omum oel futa fìfmawn ke ngay längu. ulte omum oel futa kawtu tsatseng nivew pivlltxe nìNa’vi. ULTE kawkrr fol ke leykayatem san Long God yumi stanap sìk. frapol omum futa tsaw kawkrr ke layängen. slä txantsan livu txo ngay lu fwa fo sngayä’i pivlltxe fa lì’fya leNa’vi.


  4. what the hell? this is very humiliating, your just lucky to be behind that keyboard typing away tipseekin, canfes

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