In an episode of The Simpsons called “Trilogy of Error,” Lisa builds a robot named Linguo that verbally corrects people’s spoken English grammar mistakes. The robot’s name is a delicious pun on the word lingo, which means “the language and speech, esp. the jargon, slang, or argot, of a particular field, group, or individual.”

I couldn’t find any Linguo video clips online, so here are the next best things; the transcriptions. Let the insanity and hilarity ensue!

Scene 1
Lisa: Almost done. Just lay still.
Linguo: Lie still.
Lisa: I knew that. Just testing.
Linguo: Sentence fragment.
Lisa: “Sentence fragment” is also a sentence fragment.
Linguo: Must conserve battery power. (Linguo powers himself down after realizing Lisa was correct about his grammatical error)

Scene 2
Mobster: Hey! They’s throwing robots!
Linguo: They are throwing robots.
Legs: It’s disrespecting us! Shut up-a-you-face!
Linguo: Shut up your face!

Scene 3
Homer: Me like beer.
Linguo: I like beer.
Homer: Aww, he likes beer! (Homer pours beer into Linguo’s mouth leading to his ultimate demise)

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