No Aid for You!

I thought I would continue beating this dead horse by revisiting the topic of Israel. If you recall, this past Monday, Israel launched an attack on a flotilla that was heading towards the Gaza Strip to deliver much needed humanitarian aid.

Let’s not forget the attack took place in international waters.

Let’s not forget the attack left nine people dead.

Let’s not forget that despite what Israel or PM Netanyahu say, the flotilla was really sending humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza, not supplies to Hamas.

Let’s not forget there are children and elderly residents who desperately need this humanitarian aid.

Let’s not forget that since 2007, Israel has managed to block any type of aid to Gaza by erecting a harsh and illegal blockade.

Today, Israel continued its assault on human rights by seizing the Rachel Corrie and preventing it from delivering its cargo – supplies for humanitarian assistance – to the Gaza Strip.

4 thoughts on “No Aid for You!

  1. I read in an interview with one of the people on board, apparently the IDF opened fire before they even set foot on the boat. Sickening. May i add this article was in the one paper i trust so i believe it 100%

    On the up side, an Irish boat is on its way to Gaza now. It has cement, medical equipment, dentists, doctors and crayons for children on board. It has been checked and re-checked for anything to be considered weapons and none have been found. They have informed the Israel government and beyond reasonable doubt proved that this ship is peaceful. Let’s see them try to block this without the UN getting involved.

    1. wait. Shit, I’m like a day behind here. Didn’t read the bottom part. My bad.

      Well, i don’t even know what to say to this. It’s shocking.

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