Thy Name is Anarchism, Take Two

My friend Oliver is back with a follow-up blog entry to his first one.

What to do about it, how to bridge the gap, or how to overcome the chief criticisms. Anarcho-mindset health, part two.

Oh my God (who may or not be real)!!! Anarchists will destroy everything we are. Just look at Somalia, Sudan, or any other global catastrophe where lawlessness brings utter chaos, pain and misfortune.

It is safe to venture a guess that most of these areas in the world have not descended into anarchism. Great social unrest is usually caused by: an external factor, religion, grudges between royal families, and our favorite, manipulation of multi-national corporations or their co-opted nation states.

Controlling entities, in their struggle for greater power over their peer groups, cause: strife, war, blockades, and then leave the mess behind for commoners to clean up. Institutions of power create and destroy things all the time; therefore, it is they who are the ones behind the creation and destruction. Furthermore, despotically motivated regional warlords, in fact, govern the perceived lawless areas extremely tightly.

First observation: lawlessness and chaos are not syncopated. Look at Freetown Christiana in Denmark, and you will see that an anarchist society is lawless yet very calm. It was only when criminal activity aimed to control the drug market that minor chaos erupted. There is only law breaking if there are laws; therefore, the worst crime rates are to come from the areas that have the most laws on the books, simple.

Second observation: what is utter chaos? No television, dental insurance, lean pockets for breakfast?  You hear of sad stories in troubled nations, but you hear of them because people are surviving, not as well as they would like, or were used to, but they are surviving. And who is bothering them? Could it possibly be two warring factions, supported with arms and money coming from abroad, where absentee commanders are in windy pissing matches with each other for fun, or profit?

Third and most important observation: Anarchy exists in an entirely different manner than what is commonly perceived. Anarchy happens when people bend the rules at work and do something different because it truly works better. Anarchy is used to create the cliché “Out-side of the Box” thinking.  It’s when people look outside of centralized government or capitalist market corporations for solutions.

How to get there? Now we save your heart from racing.

Anarchism as a revolutionary vehicle should be treated like an onion.

If we chop straight through an onion, two things happen: 1) you cry and 2) you need to use the onion soon or it goes bad. You overeat it, and it causes indigestion, so you don’t want onions for a while. Same with Anarchy. If we disable the entire world and go back to being nomadic cavemen, many people will cry. We will have shot our entire wad, and engulfing everything we won’t want to look or even smell it again for quite some time.

But if you peel an onion one layer at a time, you will never cry (the chemical releases slowly). No one cries; people enjoy the small piece of onion. The onion will last very much longer; people will want it regularly, and one day you will get all the way to the core. No caveman lifestyle tomorrow.

Many people have said, “To heck with the world! I want a simpler life!” Some even compare it to the Amish. Why not? You might have to give up high-fructose corn syrup right now, but cheese could be on the menu for a long time comin’.

One thought on “Thy Name is Anarchism, Take Two

  1. I agree with you, anarchy won’t happen overnight. And there won’t be one single element that causes it. A general strike will be the beginning is my guess, followed by protests, riots, and then the taking over (then destruction) of state owned and private property.

    Good post. 🙂

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