Life, the Universe and Everything

Guest blogger, Oliver, is back with an all new blog entry.

From the dawn of the universe, there was an unimaginably powerful and quite unexplainable force that manifested what is now the reality of our surroundings. Each particle in the universe stemmed from a single moment in time some 13 billiion years ago.

All that is what we know unfolded in succession of the Big Bang. What humans think of themselves as a species can only be understood in tandem with the fact that all is connected. The scale of this rudimentary premise is what most humans fail to internalize. The point is illustrated with the following; the human body is host to more bacteria cells than human cells. Outside the construct of “self” perception by many, there is another reality; human as host.

Humans host an immense environment for bacteria to flourish in; a mostly mutually beneficial relationship. Humans are also hosted by our environment. Rude and ignorant guests are we who are blind to the vision of our “place” in the grand scheme. Mutually beneficial motives are not always in the forefront of the human expanse.

Like an invasive species in an unsuspecting foreign environment, we have made ourselves alien to our host by overtaking a larger than natural proportion of now imbalanced scale (an infection of sorts). The scale of the universe however is beyond human impact. Therefore, our existence ultimately depends on how we manage the opportunity to bring afforded us by our mysterious and infinite host to bring balance back to the relationship.

Self-determined collective destiny. The power of one moment, one action, one instant can unlock a new direction for the universe on the small scale. And in light of the connection of all, the ripple effect only expands, just as the universe.

The connections that have become evident thanks to the awareness spawned by human evolution are still poorly understood by the masses. Who the individual is within the connected construct represents one of the most fundamental purposes of a self-fulfilling awareness of “place” and balance within “place,” without which, ignorance persists.

What is unconventional is the potential for the human mind to tap into the eternal truth, the ultimate reality of interconnectedness felt vibrating through every cell of our physical being (human and non-human alike) that is essentially without limits, connected to the infinite. The soul of the truth.


I am beginning to realize the only true solution to the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in (as a planet, as a localized community, and as an individual) could be a transcendental one.

I believe the reality is that the downward spiral has advanced far enough, in terms of an inevitable, never-ending avalanche that consumes our soul on a daily basis. That our only escape is through a complete readjustment of our inner workings, in an attempt to seek mental freedom from this slave-world.

Mental awareness is relative. Numbing ourselves to the environment that plagues our existence could be the very best outlet. Our surpassing of the physical into the metaphysical world could launch our mental palates into an explosive journey into the peace that we savor and could potentially guide us away from the physical world’s demented ways.

An existential overhaul.

A complete rejection of all that is.

Ultimate Reality at its core.

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