Live to Learn

One crucial bit of wisdom that I’ve arrived at is this: One’s education is never complete. A missed opportunity doesn’t preclude the possibility of new opportunities, or even better ones.

I think I benefited from being equal parts ambitious and curious. And of the two, curiosity has served me best. It’s all very well to be absolutely certain, as I was when I dropped out of high school, about what you want to achieve or where you want to be in life. That’s ambition. That’s great. But nobody gets a straight shot to the top. Life is not linear. There will be detours along the way. For the curious, new clues will await at every turn and may keep pointing toward the chosen destination. Or maybe you’ll stumble upon information that will inspire you to change course altogether, delivering you to a future you never imagined.

Being in control of your own destiny is a myth – and wouldn’t be half as fun anyway. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. And remember, though you, alone, are responsible for your own happiness, it is still okay to feel responsible for someone else’s.

Live to learn (not live and learn).

Michael J. Fox, Parade Magazine

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