Gas Attack

Buying gas has certainly become quite an adventure for me. Today, as I purchased gas, a man approached me offering to inspect my windshield for free. He asked me if I was satisfied with it. I politely replied that there were some minor cracks in the windshield, but it has stood the test of time for me. He offered to fix the windshield cracks for the bargain price of $40.

Just a couple of weeks ago, at the same gas station, another gentleman asked if he could demonstrate a miracle product that would clean my car for 30, that’s right, 30 days. What was the bargain price on this product? 25 smackers.

I politely declined the windshield repairing service and the cleaning product.

Have we become a nation where bombarding advertisements on every media isn’t enough? Do we really need someone approaching us to sell something when we go somewhere for something else? I know these two events are isolated, but I hope we don’t head in this direction. If I go to the store to buy something, I don’t want 50 people accosting me about buying products or services I don’t even need!

2 thoughts on “Gas Attack

  1. Trung, you’re not discovering anything new. Door-to-door salesman have been around since the invention of the door, honestly. And being approached by people selling their wares is an even older tradition. With the economy the way it is, some people are trying to be enterprising. I think your outrage over this American phenomenon you think you’ve discovered is silly.

    1. i appreciate your comments, although i don’t recall claiming to discover this phenomenon of door-to-door salesmen. i was simply writing about how annoying i find this profession, and that i hope that i don’t have to run a blockade of salesmen the next time i go shopping for a stick of gum. i understand we are in a horrible recession right now, but annoying your client base is not enterprising; it’s plain annoying. just my two cents.

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