An Open Letter to T-Mobile

Dear T-Mobile,

I have been a customer of yours for two years, so I was a little concerned when I read that you along with several other European-based firms were being accused of undermining US workers’ rights.

T-Mobile itself was said to have “characterized employees’ ‘talking about rights’ as dangerous activity to be reported immediately to management.”

I’m confused. As a telecommunications company, aren’t you supposed to encourage individuals to talk freely? Although I’m not an employee, do you find it dangerous if I talk about human rights on the phone with my friends? After all, I am using your services to engage in this type of activity.

Among the violations documented in the report are practices of forcing workers into “captive audience” meetings to hear anti-union harangues while prohibiting pro-union voices, threatening dire consequences if workers form unions, threatening to permanently replace workers who exercise the right to strike, spying on employee organizers, and even firing workers who support organizing efforts at companies.

I have read your response to Human Rights Watch, and how you “will abide both by the letter and the spirit of the U.S. National Labor Relations Act” and that it is “ultimately the employees’ decision whether to support or not support a union.”

I sincerely hope that statement wasn’t just public relations fluff to put us at ease and that T-Mobile will not dissuade or influence its employees on whether to join a union or not; that should ultimately, as you have put it, be the employees’ decision.

I will continue to use your services because I like my favorite five account, but please do something about my reception. It is very poor sometimes. I thank you in advance for that.


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