That’s Wong

Meet Keng Liang “Anson” Wong, who is also known as the Lizard King, ladies. He enjoys long walks on the beach, cooking and smuggling snakes in his luggage when he travels. Mr. Wong, who is a “notorious” wildlife trafficker, was recently caught at Kuala Lumpur International Airport trying to smuggle 95 boa constrictors out of the country. He has been sentenced to six months in jail and fined only $60,000.

WWF thinks “the fine comes up a little short in relation to the offence” and would like for Malaysia to revoke Mr. Wong’s “current licenses to trade in wildlife, including his two wildlife establishments in Penang as well as those linked to his family members” for violating Section 17 of Malaysia’s International Trade in Endangered Species Act of 2008.

Instead of having him pay a heftier fine and serving a longer jail sentence, maybe we can put the proverbial foot on the other shoe and stuff Mr. Wong inside a piece of luggage with 95 other noted wildlife traffickers.

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