Change of Ideas

Industry must be changed “from a feudalistic to a democratic social order” based on workers’ control, free association, and federal organization, in the general style of a range of thought that includes, along with many anarchists, G.D.H. Cole‘s guild socialism and such left Marxists as Anton Pannekoek, Rosa Luxembourg, Paul Mattick, and others, including the late Seymour Melman, who studied the matter in some depth for many years. Unless those goals are attained, Dewey held, politics will remain “the shadow cast on society by big business, [and] the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.” He held that without industrial democracy, political democratic forms will lack real content, and people will work “not freely and intelligently,” but for pay, a condition that is “illiberal and immoral” — ideals that go back to the Enlightenment and classical liberalism before it was wrecked on the shoals of capitalism, as the anarcho-syndalicalist thinker Rudolf Rocker put it seventy years ago. – Noam Chomsky, Hopes and Prospects, p.97

One thought on “Change of Ideas

  1. The booms, busts, jobless recoveries, fast changing economy, exploitative profit seeking, rampant fraud, and inconclusive debates over the past 20 years have paved a irreversible path. General consensus among people is that NOTHING IS GOING TO WORK, you can’t trust the government to do anything right, corporations are only interested in exploiting you on both ends, and the whole power system is corrupt. You can’t believe anyone, sooner or later within capitalism everyone wants to sell you some line of crap and the truth is irrelevant. So called Paid Professionals can speculate and criticize all they want , in effort to preserve their livelihoods, but the fact of the matter is that economic collapse is going to be a result of a collapse in social trust at all levels. When people don’t work or spend, because they don’t want to work or spend, no banker, economist, or public official will be able to fix the problem!

    A line from my favorite Johnny Paycheck song, to close this piece
    “Take this job and shove it, “

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