Iraq’s New Fad

So it appears that holding prisoners without giving them a proper trial is the new fad in Iraq. I guess when you give so few people most of the power, it can go a little to their heads, so it seems that’s the way it goes. Oh, and don’t forget who is helping Iraqi authorities in developing this new trend; that’s right, the good old United States!

Amnesty International said it estimates that 30,000 detainees are held without trial in Iraq although the Iraqi authorities have failed to provide precise figures. Ten thousand of those were recently transferred from US custody as their combat troops ended some operations in Iraq.

What exactly is happening to these prisoners? Well, some of them get to enjoy a good old game of torture while others have fun in a round of ill-torture.

Let’s just ask Riyadh Mohammad Saleh al-‘Uqaibi about his experience. Oh wait, we can’t ask him because he died while he was in custody as a result of “internal bleeding” from being “beaten so hard during interrogation that his ribs were broke and his liver damaged.”

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