Invisible Children

I was flipping through one of my alumni quarterly magazines today and came across an organization called Invisible Children that was started by an alumnus.

Invisible Children is a human rights group that not only brings awareness to those of child soldiers but also aids in stopping this horrible use of children during times of war.

In 2003 he [Laren Poole] and his friends Jason Russell and Bobby Bailey were traveling through Uganda when a truck was blown up in front of them. The bomber was a child-soldier of he Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group in Northern Uganda led by guerilla fighter, Joseph Kony.”- @UCSD, September 2010, Volume 7, No. 3, p55

It’s horrible that the LRA sees it fit to use children to fight their wars for them. In May, Human Rights Watch, Invisible Children and 47 other human rights groups urged President Obama to “implement landmark legislation” to commit “the US to help civilians in central Africa threatened by the Lord’s Resistance Army.”

Unfortunately, I have not found any updated news on whether any actions have been implemented to stopping the LRA.

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