The Warrenator

“When all the dust settles, the real question for the history books will be whether Congress was able to create an independent consumer agency with the tools necessary to end abusive practices and to prevent future crises.’’ – Elizabeth Warren

I will admit that I don’t know much about Elizabeth Warren other than hearing her name a couple of times and seeing her appearance in Capitalism: A Love Story. She is a Harvard Law professor, and now she can add the title of special advisor to her email signature.

I have read that her appointment to the special advisory position at the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may be an issue for Wall Street. Why though? Is it because she is “a tough advocate to clean up an industry that has made unfairness and deception its core business model?”

I hope Ms. Warren is certainly able to “level the playing field” for consumers and effectively regulate the industry without being marginalized. You can read her first blog entry on the White House website here.

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