Teaching Children about Peace

Separatists and Thailand’s Government are taking their fight to the playground; literally.

The insurgents have also used Islamic schools to indoctrinate and recruit students into their movement. At the same time, Thai army and paramilitary forces are disrupting education and placing students at unnecessary risk of insurgent attack by occupying schools for long periods as bases for their counterinsurgency operations.

The children at these schools should be nurtured to learn and prosper rather than being put in harm’s way. Teach them about peace, especially about today, rather than about war and mutilation.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Children about Peace

  1. I disagree, if they are teaching them to violently oppose global capitalism and to preserve their historic way of life, its ok. I certainly hope they would be trained to be militaristic in this struggle to preserve their roots and culture. Radical Islam is only extreme to some peoples point of view.

  2. ok, fair enough, to you as well
    but consider this,

    maybe the learn to kill for the wrong reasons,
    but later maybe they will use these skills to bring the gov’t to justice

    if I were poor I would let the gov’t teach me how they operate then turn this against them, with that knowledge, it would help me overthrow them,
    does this make sense?

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