That’s Brutal

Sometimes, people who are given a lot of power and authority let that power and authority go to their heads and before you know it, they are abusing that power and authority. Just take a look at the police force in Vietnam.

Human Rights Watch has documented 19 incidents of reported police brutality, resulting in the deaths of 15 people, all reported in the state-controlled press in Vietnam during the last 12 months. The Vietnamese government should publicly recognize this problem, issue orders outlawing abusive treatment by police at all levels, and make clear that any police officers found responsible for such practices will face disciplinary action and, where appropriate, criminal prosecution, Human Rights Watch said.

The police officers have been given the power and authority–from the government–to enforce the law. Unfortunately, when all the power and authority is concentrated in only the hands of a few individuals, then the law becomes how they interpret it. It also leaves the possibility for those few individuals to abuse that power and authority because they are the ones who are enforcing it.

As my friend, Oliver, has said in the past: Absolute power corrupts. Corruption can lead to terrible abuses such as people being killed or being beaten within an inch of the lives while in custody, all in the name of upholding the law.

The following is a list of victims’ names. Maybe if the government exercises its own power and authority, justice can finally be given to each victim.

  1. Tran Ngoc Duong
  2. Tran Duy Hai
  3. Hoang Thi Tra
  4. Nguyen Van Trung
  5. Nguyen Van Khuong
  6. Nguyen Phu Son
  7. Nguyen Thanh Nam
  8. Vu Van Hien
  9. Nguyen Phu Trung
  10. Le Xuan Dung
  11. Le Huu Nam
  12. Le Thi Thanh
  13. Vo Van Khanh
  14. Pham Tuan Hung
  15. Huynh Tan Nam
  16. Nguyen Quoc Bao
  17. Nguyen Van Long
  18. Dang Trung Trinh
  19. Nguyen Manh Hung
  20. Tran Minh Sy
  21. Pham Ngoc Den

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