Penny Hater

This guy really hates pennies, and with good reason. I don’t like having pennies either because I hate getting them when my total is $19.06 for example, and I don’t have the correct change.

2 thoughts on “Penny Hater

  1. I love Pennies!

    A rich man told me once, while I was subsequently hating on pennies,
    that simply put ” pennies make dollars and dollars make millions “,
    this man made made a good life paying attention to his pennies.

    Plus think of what it means symbolically, Abe Lincoln freed the slaves!
    are you going to kill him off, in favor of slaveholders, business leeches, and political corruption patrons.

    What happens when prices deflate during the great depression to the point that pennies would matter, will they re-introduce them, or if the economy tanks so bad will they not do it, and leave people trapped starving, with 4 pennies and prices based in nickels.

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