Give Me Assistance or Give Me Death

If this entry on Amnesty International’s blog is correct, then it’s a shame that the state of California would spend $4 million to pursue the death penalty on one man when that money could have been used to help so many more people who needed it. Imagine what that $4 million could have been spent on. One man’s life versus the fate of so many others.

In August, California had one of the highest unemployment rates in the country at 12.4% with about 2.26 million people unemployed. Couldn’t that $4 million be used on something productive like creating jobs or initiating plans to help get the California economy back on track? Is it really worth $4 million to condemn one man to his death when so many others are looking for help in this recession?

Take for instance the story regarding these people. They could probably use some help, so they can move out of their vehicles and into a real home.

Now imagine the other prisoners who are on death row, and multiply that by $4 million. No wonder the state is facing a $20 billion deficit!

Special thanks to Xuanie and her awesome research skills.

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