Green with Envy

Liu Xiaobo of China, along with five other human rights activists, has been awarded the Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism. Mr. Liu is also is also a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, but surprisingly there is a group that does not want this honor given to him–no, I’m not talking about the Chinese government.

That group consists of fellow activists who have “been calling on the Nobel committee to deny the prize to Mr. Liu, whom they say would make an ‘unsuitable’ laureate.”

These remarks are quite interesting considering that Human Rights Watch found it more than appropriate to recognize Mr. Liu and his peers for continuing “to speak out and to work to create a world in which people live free of violence, discrimination, and oppression.”

Is this a case of professional jealousy run amok from some cranky old men who are preaching from their ivory tower? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Congratulations to the other activists for being given this prestigious award. May they continue successfully to put an end to human rights violations.

Winners of the 2010 Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism:

  • Hossam Baghat
  • Elena Milashina
  • Yoseph Mulugeta
  • Steave Nemande
  • Sussan Tahmasebi
  • Liu Xiaobo

One thought on “Green with Envy

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    anybody with Fred Lee’s books need to give’m back by tomorrow

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