Banksy Introducing The Simpsons

The street graffiti artist/activist known as Bansky left his mark not only on Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons but on the Fox network itself. Banksy was responsible for the couch gag that accompanies the introduction of the long-running television series. As you will see in the video clip (let’s hope Fox doesn’t remove it too quickly), it was not very flattering commentary towards 20th Century Fox and the use of Asian labor to make the cartoon and its accompanying merchandise.

There are some people who are surprised the opening sequence was allowed to air without any last-minute changes. Should we be surprised though? The writers for The Simpsons have been providing satirical assaults directed at Fox and its owner for many years now. I’m sure as long as the show continues making money for the network, Mr. Murdoch and company will have no problems continuing to be the occasional butt of jokes.

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