Blog Aversion

It appears that the Vietnamese government has an aversion to blogs. Just ask Nguyen Van Hai and Phan Thanh Hai, both of whom are peaceful “independent bloggers and critics of the government.”

Unfortunately for both men and many others, the government has targeted them for their writings.

“In a country where the state controls all traditional media outlets, independent bloggers have emerged as important sources of news, information, and social commentary. The government should embrace the key role that independent bloggers are playing in society instead of harassing and imprisoning them.” – Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch

Upsetting the balance in power is a big no-no to those who have it because they do no want to give up the power. When the masses start criticizing its policies, the government usually resorts to oppression and violence to suppress those who dare question it, even when it’s done peacefully.

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