Insane in the Membrane

Andrei Bondarenko is not insane. In order to prove it, he has “undergone three psychiatric examinations to prove his sanity.” With that being said, a Ukranian court has still ordered him to “undergo a forced psychiatric examination” because he has an “excessive awareness of his own and others’ rights and [an] uncontrollable readiness to defend these rights in unrealistic ways.”

Mr. Bondarenko is a trade union activist who has butted heads with powerful people in his community. I guess when your human rights activism conflicts with those who are in power, the only logical thing for them to do is to use their power in any way to attack you.

Since 2007, the Vinnytsya Prosecutor’s Office has pushed for a forced psychiatric examination of Andrei four times. Each time the request has been refused by the court because of his certification of mental health from various psychiatrists. However, on 29 October of this year, a judge ordered Andrei to submit to a psychiatric examination in a closed court session where Andrei was not present and his lawyer was kicked out of the courtroom.

I don’t need the magic 8 ball to tell me that Mr. Bondarenko isn’t insane. In fact, my spider senses tell me that the judge who ordered Andrei Bondarenko be submitted to this forced examination is the one who should be treated for insanity!

One thought on “Insane in the Membrane

  1. This is like someone testing your ability to throw a baseball. And, by the way, there will be no baseballs available for you to throw during your testing. Good Luck Andrei, I think we all also really admire your ability to not get militantly opposed to these decisions.

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