His Name is Anže

This morning, I went to tsn.ca to watch highlights of the Kings vs. Predators game. Anže Kopitar, who plays for the Los Angeles Kings, scored one of the goals for the Kings. TSN showed his goal along with commentary by one of the anchors. She happened to pronounce his first name as “Ant-zy.”

Mr. Kopitar is from Slovenia, so there is actually an accent mark above the z in his name. According to his NHL player-profile page, his first name is pronounced “Ahn-jay.” Without the accent mark above his first name, which many English-based websites omit, I can see how English speakers would pronounce it as “Ant-zy.”

One interesting note though. During a segment on TSN’s “After Hours,” Mr. Kopitar was the featured guest. Among one of the hosts of the show was Marc Crawford, who coaced the Los Angeles Kings and Kopitar for a couple of years. Mr. Crawford repeatedly referred to Kopitar as “Ant-zy.” I am surprised that during the two years Crawford spent coaching Kopitar, he never successfully learned to pronounced Anže correctly.

Finally, I would like to send out congratulations to Ryan Smyth for playing in his 1,000th NHL game last night. He marked that special milestone and accomplishment by scoring a goal in helping the Kings beat the Predators 4-1! The mullets in practice and during the warm-up were also a nice touch. Go, Kings, go! 🙂

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