Time is Not Money

We have heard all the reasons why we practice daylight saving time (except for Arizona): children’s safety, energy savings or farmers wanted it.

But what if the farmers didn’t want it? What if it turns out they are the most vocal opponents towards daylight savings time? If they are opposed to it, then surely there must be another reason why we set our clocks back an hour in the fall and forward an hour in the spring.

The influence of farmers, however, could not compete with economics, and daylight saving time would return. Sales of golf equipment and course fees go up in DST, and so do sales of barbecue equipment, and seeds and gardening supplies.

Yes, that’s correct. We have our friend, capitalism, to thank for this ridiculous idea. Just for the record, I am opposed to daylight savings time. Sure, it’s great to get that extra hour of sleep, but I have to give it right back a few months later. I do not like adjusting my sleep schedule just so some companies can increase sales of their goods.

If you are like me and feel the same way, then let’s work together to end daylight saving time!

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