Money is Cancer in a Toxic World

This blog entry is courtesy of our favorite guest-blogging Anarchist, Oliver. There’s a rumor circulating that he recently did a c0-presentation on labor for one of his classes. Nice! As always, thanks for the contribution!

So if you have not heard already, receipt paper, which is everywhere, contains very high levels of a powdery film called BPA. BPA is a chemical that causes massive genetic disruptions and has direct links to cancer everywhere.

Well, if you read up on the stories such as here, you will start to learn that this coating rubs off onto money, wallets, shopping bags, produce, and basically anything it comes into contact with. Forget worrying about the fact that this chemical exists in plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and the lining of canned foods. And even after a public awareness campaign, most companies have done nothing, absolutely nothing; they just wait for a new headline to steal the news and distract the American public into forgetting about it.

Is this anything new? Of course we know that in capitalism businesses consider these things externalities; someone else’s costs, someone else’s problems.

Disease started with the industrial revolution, and communicable sickness generally started with civilization, and as society became more complicated and technology more advanced, these ties between harm to humans and their desires for a mythical and idealistic existence seem to get closer and closer.

It is beyond common knowledge that fast food diets lead to diabetes, tobacco leads to lung cancer, alcoholism leads to liver failure, etc. etc. But when you drive down the road, turn on the TV or radio, all you are constantly bombarded with is brainwashing constantly repeating advice from good looking and clever talking people, who most likely have eating disorders and have never smoked in their lives.

This is not just a rant that the world is toxic, and your water, soil, air, food supply, and neighbors are not safe, but rather a rant on the fact that you are encouraged to participate in every new aspect of society as it becomes available no matter how toxic it may be.

This analysis of BPA on receipts just goes to show you that the newer the phenomenon, the more toxic it is. Remember when they thought cell phones caused brain cancer? Well, they suppressed that information, and now cell phones are roughly 10 to 20 times stronger in their ionizing radiation.

Problem #1, it’s getting to the point where you can’t escape. Grow your own organic garden, but water it with city water, and acid rain? Go out in public, and trade germs because you want to use a handrail. Take a hike in a park and suck in the carbon dioxide from the highway they built nearby. And, of course, when you go to the local grocer, use your homemade sack, buy some organic greens, and grab your toxic BPA receipt.

How can you live? The laundry detergent is bad, the dishwasher tabs are bad, deodorant is bad (micro-aluminum-absorbtion / direst link to heavy metal toxicity and Alzheimer’s), brushing your teeth is bad (fluoride is the active ingredient in rat poison), carpet is horrible to touch or vacuum (poly-styrene), don’t ever use paint (aliphatic hydrocarbons), and if you have perfect food, be sure you cook it right ( teflon- stays in body indefinitely).

Do I have to go on? Capitalism is imprisoning, but did we ever think it would actually intend on hurting us physically? And when it comes to hurting us, did we ever think that our idea of human advancement would be linked to a technology that enables more and more pain upon our bodies?

Show me some hope.

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