License to Kill Unarmed Protestors

Apparently, shooting unarmed protesters dead is how Côte d’Ivoire security forces like to roll. The protests are a result of the on-going, undeclared presidential elections.

“When we saw security forces near the police station of the 21rst arrondissement, we raised our hands and told them that we were unarmed. They refused to answer and threw tear gas grenades. Then immediately they shot at us. I saw dead bodies in the street. I know three of them,” one eyewitness told Amnesty International by phone.

Even those who weren’t part of the protests found themselves becoming unwilling participants.

“A young man, car washer, who was not participating in the demonstration, was shot dead by two man wearing military uniforms, with hoods. The young man was standing in front of the garage waiting for drivers in order to wash their vehicles when two military arrives. One of them tripped him up, he fell down. One of the military who was wearing sunglasses shot at him at point blank with a gun,” an eyewitness told Amnesty International.

The people of Côte d’Ivoire just want to finally have an elected president, and finally put this matter to rest–imagine if Gore/Bush went on for more than 5 years! Don’t they have a right to protest without fear of having someone trying to shoot them dead, especially when they are unarmed? Maybe the Côte d’Ivoire security force should think about retraining its officers on how to determine if someone poses a threat or not.

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