When in Syria

If you ever travel to Syria, remember to walk on egg shells and not criticize other countries for their presidential elections and violation of human rights because it will result in your being arrested for “spoil[ing]” relations with that country. It happened to Ali Al-‘Abdallah, so it could happen to you.

Al-`Abdallah, a member of the Damascus Declaration opposition group, finished a 30-month sentence on June 17. Instead of releasing him, prison authorities referred him to a military court for his statement to a news agency from his prison cell criticizing human rights violations during Iran’s 2009 presidential election and for an article he wrote critiquing Iran’s wilayat al-faqih doctrine, which grants absolute political authority to a religious figure.

As you know, I am not a supporter of concentrating power to a few individuals because it typically results in corruption, so I definitely support his critque regarding the wilayat al faqih doctrine.

What I don’t support is the Syrian government’s continuing detainment of Mr. Al’Abdallah.

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