Staying Neutral on a Moving Train

It looks like the FCC has approved new net neutrality rules which will “provide fewer protections for mobile broadband subscribers and may lead to a fractured Internet.”

Why is keeping the internet neutral important? Read here and here.

According to Craig Aaron, managing director of Free Press, “wireless providers will be free to discriminate,” so for example, “if AT&T wants to develop a video service, they can give that priority treatment while slowing down or blocking Netflix.”

“The the Internet has become the most democratic communications tool ever created,” so net neutrality also “guarantees that all sources of data are treated equally,” which levels the playing field and allows the small guys–like me for example–to compete with the big guys.


A tiered Internet discriminates against low-income households who cannot pay for better access to the Internet and will result in increased economic stratification. It also risks undermining political discourse in the United States, as the same media conglomerates that dominate TV, radio, and cable consolidate control over Internet content.

Al Franken has chimed in as well:

Mobile networks like AT&T and Verizon Wireless would be able to shut off your access to content or applications for any reason. For instance, Verizon could prevent you from accessing Google Maps on your phone, forcing you to use [their] own mapping program, Verizon Navigator, even if it costs money to use and isn’t nearly as good.

Since Obama has failed and has obviously “taken a backseat” to someone “with regards to net neutrality,” it’s up to us to voice our opposition. The internet should be neutral. Help save the internet!

One thought on “Staying Neutral on a Moving Train

  1. Capitalism should wake up, where will it get revenue when the common citizen can afford nothing. The second gilded age is coming on strong and debt-slave workers are already burdened beyond belief. The elite seem to want to propagate their “free market” ideology as a reason to privatize everything. When will we start paying for air, and then when will you have to pay outrageous sums for clean air? Health care has damn near priced itself out of the market, college education is pricing itself out of the market, now we have opened the doors, so quick and efficient information can be priced out of the market. The internet is in many ways our last hope for the proliferation of knowledge. They have closed many private and public libraries, cut tremendous amounts of funding from education, and made higher education unaffordable. Not to mention that the television news and print news is a barrage of misinformation, fear spreading, and over-abundant marketing.

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