Iran’s After Christmas Plans

The Iranian government is in the Christmas spirit. They are going to allow Habibollah Latifi to celebrate one more “Little Fast” and enjoy one more “Little Feast,” then execute him December 26.

On October 23, 2007, security forces arrested Latifi, a law student at Azad University in the western Iranian province of Ilam, for his alleged activities on behalf of “anti-revolutionary” groups. After local intelligence agents detained and interrogated Latifi for more than four months, authorities transferred him to Sanandaj prison. According to several media reports, Latifi’s family and sources close to his family have alleged that intelligence agents subjected Latifi to torture during the investigation phase.


Human Rights Watch has documented numerous cases where Iranian security forces have used physical and psychological coercion including torture to secure confessions in security-related cases, and courts have convicted defendants of moharebeh in trials where prosecutors failed to provide any convincing evidence establishing the defendant’s guilt.

So it’s quite possible that Iranian security forces extracted a confession out of Mr. Latifi through the use of physical coercion. If that’s the case, that would mean the government would be executing a man who could very well be innocent, or the government would be executing a man who never received a fair trial.

The Iranian government should seriously put an immediate halt to this upcoming execution and give Mr. Latifi the true justice he deserves. Don’t make this Christmas the last time Habibollah Latifi will eat harasa.

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