Getting Primitive With It

As we wind up the final days of 2010, our good friend Oliver would like to issue us with this challenge–perhaps even a new year’s resolution–and leave us with these final words before we say hello to 2011.

A call to arms, and legs, and boots, and a strong back and maybe a hat and some gloves.

Now is the time! With the winter solstice behind us and the new year approaching, this is the time to sow the seeds of Anarcho-primitivist revolution, literally. So sharpen your spades and hoes, reload the spring in your sprinkler nozzles and holster your hand trowels because the best way to free your self from dependency in this debt slavery society is to procure our own sustenance.

Yes, I’m talking about a pledge to go underground, to get militant and to GUERRILLA GARDEN!  One of the chief criticisms of converting to an anarchist, primitivist or free lifestyle is how to obtain necessary foodstuffs, medicinal requirements and objects of enjoyment without being deeply co-dependent on modern society. Knowing is half the battle, but knowing what to eat, what medicinal herb to use or what makes great tea is worthless if you have no access to the plants you need.

Much of the green space that barely exists has been converted to visually appealing trees that bear no nuts, shrubs that bear no fruit and lawns that produce no herbs or grains.

So how do you solve this quandary? Guerrilla gardening can do it for you.

Come to the realization that to live off the land, we are going to have to change what the land currently does. The world needs a new army of Johnny Appleseeds. Will you answer the call?

Pick something you like, do a little research, then make your plan a reality. Build your seed bombs, arm yourself and plant the planet!

So do the world a favor this upcoming new year, and get FERAL!

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