The Great Airplane Race

File this one under the fun category–yes, I know I am lacking a fun category. The title of this entry is an homage to The Great Typo Hunt, which I just completed reading, so I guess you can say it had a hand in inspiring my writing this blog post.

My first two planes

I was given a desk calendar for Saturnalia aka Christmas in which each day (Saturday and Sunday are combined) can be folded into a paper airplane. I know what you are all thinking. “What a great present for any person to have!” I couldn’t agree more.

But what am I going to do with 300+ paper airplanes?

My first two planes from a different angle

The solution is simple. Each day, before work comes to halt, I will fold the next day’s paper airplane, then carefully test it for its flight capabilities. The next morning, I plan on leaving the paper airplane on a co-worker’s desk until each person there has received at least one airplane.

There are not 300+ employees at my company, so if you would like a handcrafted airplane by yours truly, contact me, and I will gladly send you one. If I have to mail the plane, I can’t guarantee it won’t be smashed during shipping. Also, please don’t ask me to try to fly it to you since the flight path for these planes are unpredictable, and not to mention that the wind might send them off course. šŸ™‚

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