The More You Know About Horns

Do you remember those “The More You Know” public service announcements that occasionally air on NBC? They contain heart felt messages that range from warning people about the dangers of drinking and driving or offering assistance to someone who is suffering from depression. Well, I think we should bring those same “The More You Know” psa’s to Asia, specifically Vietnam.

What would be the message of the psa? In this case, it would be about educating people about how rhino horns have not been proven scientifically to “possess cancer-curing properties.”

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) reported that 333 rhinos were killed in South Africa in 2010, and is continuing into 2011, as a result of poaching due to an increasing demand in Asia for rhino horns, which the Asian people believe will cure them of cancer.

Sadly, of the 333 rhinos that were killed, ten of them were black rhinos, which are “listed as critically endangered with only about 4,200 remaining in existence, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).”

WWF reported further that in 2009, South Africa was home to “1,670 black rhinos.”

By educating people about how there is no link to curing cancer and rhino horns, maybe that will help drive down the demand for the horns and at least help take off some of the pressure on the rhino population from poachers hunting them.

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