Don’t Buy It!

I have often heard about child prostitution and sex trafficking in other countries such as Cambodia or Ivory Coast, so needless to say, it surprised me when I learned that the Super Bowl is a magnet for sex trafficking of not just women but children, as well.

We always hear about the upbeat side of sports ranging from the underdog overcoming odds and battling back to defeat the heavily favored opponent to those who battle resilience and persevere through adversity. It’s not often we hear about “men paying for sex with teenage girls.”

I first learned about the controversy of the Super Bowl and child prostitution through a petition that was sent to me. You can read and sign it here.

According to the Dallas Police Department children exploited through sex trafficking have an average life expectancy is just seven short years. The average age a child is tricked and trapped in sexual slavery is just 13 years old. These children are beaten, brutalized and tortured for the profit and pleasure of others.

The petition is calling upon the Super Bowl Host Committee to “embrace a proactive approach with community members” to “raise awareness and deter the buying of children during the Super Bowl.”

After doing a Google search, I found this article from the Dallas News website here.

Child prostitution is so much a concern that the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, has become involved, and has “committed nearly two dozen members of his staff to work with local police agencies in minimizing prostitution.”

Women are taking an active role, too. Deena Wilson and her group Traffick911 have started a campaign called “I’m Not Buying It” to protest sex trafficking.

One thought on “Don’t Buy It!

  1. Fuck the super bowl ! let the super-bowl go to hell and then die ! THE SUPER-BOWL IS A WORTHLESS PERIOD OF HUMAN EXISTENCE !

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