Headlining Acts

Our good friend Oliver is back with another compelling blog entry. This time he talks about the economic climate around the world and its resulting effects on the social climate. What can we do to improve things? Well, he discusses that, so read on. As always, much thanks to Oliver for his continuing contributions.

A few days ago I was doing some reading on the internet and was led to link after link after link about how economic crises from all the world have led to a series of social crises. As I pored over article after article of the deteriorating situation with employment and its link to political and societal stability, I grew almost miserably depressed but possibly hopeful at the same time.

We see that even behind the headlines allowed in the American media, people’s individual freedom is paramount to their allowance of their current political system. And when governments choose policies that massively disrupt people’s employment and equitable gains from that employment, people get pissed and get pissed pretty damn quickly.

Tunisia serves as an example. A dictator who ruled with an iron fist and almost infinite power, screws up the economy for the majority while trying to get himself and his cronies richer, then BAM!, people blow shit up, refuse to work, and grind the country to a standstill.

Lebanon is another example. Behind the bullshit story of an international trial’s importance, news surfaces that the economy is in ruins, which leads to corresponding massive nation-wide strikes taking place, thus crippling the aristocracy’s means of profit.

Next in line are Greece, Italy, France, and Ireland. There are massive protests as citizens, who refuse decreased public sector wage cuts, will not stand for the almost doubling of college tuition and will fight the governments of their respective countries to the extreme in order to avoid neoliberal economic transformations.

The headlines in America are just as bad. People have determined even the good ones are full of bullshit. African Americans, Hispanics, and people in informal sectors and contracting are perfectly aware that nothing at all is getting any better. IN FACT, it is getting worse. The headlines are a manipulation to get the still employed waning middle-class to have the confidence to overspend again and to get the lower upper-class to dump their money foolishly back into stocks instead of bonds.

I have two strong feelings given all this current manipulation and information to the extreme. Miserable depression, as John Zerzan states in Twilight of the Machines, is resulting in society’s greater increasing trend towards NIHILISM. Younger generations don’t believe in anything; politicians and government are bullshit corrupt institutions; corporations are lying thieving bastards; the best thing to do is to find some work just to get enough money to rave; and take enough pills to forget about the world. Why chase a career when none exist? Why become a citizen when voting does nothing?  Crisis is business as usual, and we’re all just here until the environment collapses anyway.

On the other hand–well on the other hand–maybe things will get better. Or maybe we should move to Tunisia because those people can straighten out their government. We could learn from them. Will the American people get around to making educated protests? I meet many intelligent people who say the right things, and I have high hopes in seeing these same people get active in a country that has otherwise declining social capital. Therefore, the cream is rising to the top. Let’s educate the rest and support the international solidarity that we have lacked in the past. Fight Capitalism and WIN!

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